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Choose us for insurance services in Shreveport, LA

The search for great coverage at an affordable rate begins with the right insurance agent. Ezra Henderson Insurance Solutions is the company for you. We're proud to provide excellent insurance services in Shreveport, LA. We value relationships more than sales, so our owner will do everything he can to meet your needs.

Stop the never-ending search for insurance. Contact our agent today to make sure you're covered.

What kind of insurance do we offer?

Do you own a small business? Looking for coverage for you and your family? We help clients find a wide range of insurance plans, including:

  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Family insurance
  • Major medical insurance
  • Individual private insurance
  • Self-employed and business insurance

We don't provide plans for property, casualty or car insurance, but we can refer you to trusted providers. If you have any questions about our plans, we're happy to be of assistance. Call 318-286-5610 now to speak to an agent about your insurance plan. Our agent is licensed in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan and South Carolina.

Our agent's background of helping others

Great insurance services can be hard to come by, but you can expect nothing but the best from our agent. He began his career of helping others in car sales, and now his passion for caring for his community starts and ends with insurance. He'll focus on your priorities, how he can best help you and build a working relationship with you. Your finances, health and family are what matter most to him, so he'll do everything possible to get you coverage for a great rate.

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